A continent that surely has been broken by intense magical forces. Mountains rise athwart the ocean on all sides. Canyons crack the land. Grasslands that were once bursting with crops are now barren, and unpredictable winds push noxious gases across the landscape, as if the dense fog encompassing everything weren’t enough. The surface is all but uninhabitable. However, tunnels and caves beneath the earth as well as the islands’ surrounding mountain peaks are safely populated and traversed..

At one time, Dragonborn roamed this land freely, but now only a few holdout tribes dwell in safe pockets of the “Overside”. Orcs, kobolds, and gnolls make up the fringes of society in the shallows beneath the surface, but human, elven, and halfling arcanists control the shallows of the underworld.

Nearly eight centuries ago, all arcanists left Arthos and settled on the broken continent of Vanarasi. It’s unsure if anybody knows why they left, or when the breaking occurred, but in their isolation they’ve made incredible advancements, such as elemental-bound airships and galleons capable of propelling them great distances in short amounts of time.

They’ve been able to achieve such things due to their great leader, who has governed the land for centuries and ensures all of her people that all knowledge and property is to be shared and belongs to no individual in her realm.

She has even managed to use the tunnels beneath the ground for her advantage: a system called “Lightning Rail” runs beneath the earth to connect different cities, and has proven far quicker than land, sea, and even air travel. Some suspect that these lightning rails even run through the seas now to reach hidden stations in cities of the Erathton Isles and Reisia.

Three hundred years ago, explorers from Arthos finally discovered the distant lands of Vanarasi. Not one outsider has set foot inside the Vanarasi domain, but some of the more adventurous Vanarasans encountered these foreign wanderers in the Erathi Islands and elsewhere. These disillusioned Vanarasans made peace with the Arthians and shared their knowledge; as a result arcane knowledge is now much more common in the Old World. Most of the Vanarasans hold a seemingly inexplicable grudge against outsiders, though.


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