Hundreds of miles to the North of the Erathi Islands, near the coast of Northern Arthos, lie the fjord-riven shores of Tjurland, a small, rugged island nation which is the ancestral home of Minotaurs (who call themselves the Stormur Fólk).

Tjurland is currently a semi-autonomous state governed by the Council of Whitehall. Tjurland’s regent, Gjornal de Fromme (the Pious) descends from the line of Jarls who allied themselves with the Council 500 years ago. These Jarls, with the military backing of the Council, overthrew Haakon den Fryktede (the Dreaded), descended from King Thorfinn the Grayling of the old dynasty, during the battle of Hjorungavagr, which brought an end to the independence of the Stormur Folk.

The land itself is extremely mountainous and craggy, with deep cliff-lined inlets and giant craggy shores. The East part of the island is less treacherous and is home to vast rolling hills covered in grains and dotted with herd animals. The Western peaks and valleys are home to various troll, ogre, and giant races, and in the far North are rumored to live savage tribes of Goliaths who practice shamanic demon warship and hunt each other for sport.

The main port of entry for mainlanders and merchants is the city of Tjurhym, a bustling and surprisingly beautiful place protected by a massive wall and series of ramparts. Tjurhym is a major port for fishing, as the waters around Tjurland are full of crabs, herring, and – a Stormur Folk favorite – whales. The other major city of Tjurland is the seat of the King in the Eastern lowlands known as the Brodland. There, Gjornal sits and takes his orders from his Whitehall masters, surrounded by a detachment of Whitehall guardsmen that have resided in Tjurland for centuries.

Recently, rumblings have been heard coming from the keeps of the Western mountain Jarls indicating dissatisfaction with the current regime and the increasingly greater taxes the Council has been placing on them to fund the wars in Arthos. In response to these rumblings, Gjornal has withdrawn into his keep and seldom ventures out. Rebellion is in the air.


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