A large and geographically diverse island south of the Erathi Islands. Mountains and steep cliffs line the northern coast, acting as a natural barrier. A great desert dominates the western and central regions, while the east is comprised of semi-arid plains. Much of this land remains uncharted.

Ruins of an ancient Empire dot the country. Little is known of the civilization that once ruled this continent, but treasure hunters sometimes venture into their forsaken structures- and seldom come back alive. Survivors tell tales of frescoes and murals depicting giant men with tentacled-faces lording over smaller men.

Thri-Kreen, Genasi, and humans all have kingdoms here. Far beneath the cliffs of the north, sahuagin and kuo-toa rule under the sea.

A powerful human kingdom rules over the most fertile lands and its outlying desert.

Human and Thri-Kreen nomads frequently skirmish in the wastelands, but since they’re on the margins of the Sultan’s kingdom, they’re ignored.


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