Arannis Lorhaelion

Exiled Brother of the Mithrendain Royalty


Few living in the material plane have seen Arannis, but rumors suggest that he may be seeking Lich-dom.


The middle child of the Lorhaelien clan, Queen Theirastra and Sir Quarion were his siblings- leaders of the Eladrin kingdom of Mithrendain. He’d always squabbled with Quarion while vying for Theirastra’s favor, and when he saw a threat to his ascension to the throne, he bestowed a curse upon Theirastra’s only son, causing him to fade from existence. He has since been cast out of the court.

He encountered the party three hundred years ago in the Feywild and captured them for reasons unknown. They were released 300 years later.

Arannis Lorhaelion

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